Frozen delicacies

Did you have a tough day? At work, it was hot for a dip, and you didn't have time to go out for lunch or at least a little fresher? In doing so, it was enough for you to be well. You have a lot of stalls on your way home, especially in summer, where you can buy a draft ice cream.
We love them
We can indulge in frozen delicacies all year round, but we enjoy the most in summer. Everyone has a favorite and we like to taste it. It can be a draught or a scoop on it at all, especially that it will freshe us up. And what flavor can it have? Various fruit flavors such as strawberry, raspberry, kiwi, apple or lemon or plum. Another variation is creamy, I prefer and as a classic I consider vanilla with chocolate. Especially whether it is good quality and is not sewn by any substitutes.

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