Space for your tenants ‘ promotion

If you are the owner of the business premises, the tenants will often contact you with a request for the possibility of placing advertisements in the entrance halls and other premises of the building. Each store operator or service provider needs to be aware of himself as soon as possible and to lure a prospective customer. We have a simple and relatively inexpensive solution for you in this direction.
A simple way to the satisfaction of all
Browse our brochure racks offer. We offer a wide range of trays for leaflets that can be placed on the wall or on the ground. In the latter case, the trays may be rotary or variably spatially processed. In addition, we offer different materials and designs to suit the character of the space. And how about offering the leaflets to the shop, where the tenants can change the content and adapt it to the current situation? The possibilities are countless and surely you choose the one that will satisfy you and your tenants.

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