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What You Need to Know About Text Message Marketing.

The sharing of short messages was made possible via the default messaging software in mobile phones before the development of internet-based messaging apps. Many adults now have access to a mobile phone device and this can come in handy if you are looking to send a text message to them. Below are some tips on text message marketing if you are looking to use the technique for advertising your brand.
If you are looking to employ text messaging as your marketing means, it Is recommended that you know your audience. As you interact with clients, get their consent on being added to your text message list and ensure that they are aware of the kind of content they should expect from you. Create prompts for your clients which allow them to accept or decline on being members of your text list in subscriptions and this will see you avoid any legal issues.
An essential aspect of message advertising is timing. You need to choose an appropriate time for sending the message during the day by avoiding sending it too early or too late in the evening or night. Chance of getting a reaction on your message sent to a client are higher when you send it later in the morning making it the most appropriate time. The frequency at which you send your clients messages is also an important timing factor. Send few and well-timed messages and in turn you will avoid annoying the clients on your list which may see them block them. The best frequency of sending a message is once every week.
Creating clear and concise messages for your clients if you want to achieve your marketing objectives through text messages. The best number of characters you should limit your messages is a hundred and sixty. Long texts above a hundred and sixty characters are expensive to send as they break down for easy delivery and the break down may distort some of the content of the message. URL to your website and your company’s phone number are great solid call actions you can include at the end of your text messages sent to clients. Ensure that you messages vary so as to keep your clientele interested.
The last thing you ought to do is ensure that your recipients have the free will of opting out of your message list and the subscription. This is a requirement of the law and it is compulsory that you provide a way out for your clients. In order for you to ascertain that you are meeting set objectives with the text message marketing technique, it is recommended that you perform regular assessments of your results.

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