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Since the creation of the first cell phone, the popularity of cell phones has increased tremendously. The increase in popularity of cell phones has been promoted by the invention of smartphones. One of the main uses of cell phones is to facilitate communication between people who are far away from each other. The convenience of cell phones make carrying and using a cell phone possible whenever one wants. However, many people have suffered because cell phones can be used for criminal activities. Smart phones are very addictive, and that is why many people have their heads facing the screen of their phones most of the time. Some people get frustrated by this because they find it to be socially unacceptable. Nowadays, terrorists use cell phones to detonate bombs and other explosive things. The sinister things that people use cell phones for led to the creation of cell phone jammers.

Cell phone jammers have protected and prevented the loss of lives and promoted social etiquettes. A cell phone jammer can also be referred to as a signal jammer. Before you buy or use a cell phone jammer, you should know how they work on wireless devices. You can disrupt the signal of a cell phone or any other wireless devices with easy when you have a standard signal blocker. Base stations or towers are how wireless devices communicate with each other. Base stations or towers have a maximum radius that they can send out their signals to. A cell is used to refer to the area covered by the signal from a base station or tower.

If you are using a phone while on the move, the signal of the phone will be passed down from one tower to another that is within your reach. Cell phone jammers transmit a signal that cancels out the signal from a mobile phone leading to disruption of services. Absence of cellular services in the area that you are in is what it will seem like when there is cell phone jamming. Therefore, there will be no bars on the display of the phone to indicate the strength of the signal.

There is a difference in the effective jamming range of different models of cell phone jammers. However, the local environment, unit power, and signal strength are the main factors that influence the effective jamming range. If you want a cell phone jammer that has a jamming range of about the size of a football pitch, you should find a high powered model. However, if you want the jamming range to be within the range of some few meters then you should go low a low powered model. The powerful cell phone jammers used by law enforcement officials and agencies have a jamming range of about a kilometer radius.

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